Was Your Disability Claim Denied?

If you applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits and were denied, you may be thinking:

  • "I guess I don't deserve help after all."
  • "I tried and failed. There's nothing more I can do."
  • "I'm sure the Social Security Administration carefully reviewed my case, so its decision must be right."

All these statements are likely wrong. The administration doesn't talk to your doctor or develop your medical records. In fact, it rejects the vast majority of all initial applications. However, you still have hope. You can file a Social Security Disability appeal.

At the Lubbock law firm of Becky D. Miller, we have helped many people throughout Texas to appeal denied SSD claims. We want to help you, too. Our attorney is a native Texan who has 20 years of legal experience.

Don't Wait — You Have Only A Short Time To Act

After your application is rejected, you have only a limited amount of time to file an appeal. This means you should call us right away. We will immediately request a hearing with an administrative law judge. This hearing is a chance to present your case in person.

If the hearing is not successful, we can take your case to the appeals council for review. If the council rejects your claim, we can take your case before a federal judge.

Learn More For Free

If your claim was denied, don't hesitate to arrange a free initial consultation with our lawyer. Simply call Becky D. Miller, Attorney at Law, at 806-799-1200 . You can also reach us by email. We charge only contingency fees, which means you owe us nothing until we win your case.

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