Diabetes And Social Security Disability

Diabetes can come with many different complications. These complications and symptoms can make it impossible to hold a job.

If you are unable to work due to diabetes or another impairment, turn to the Lubbock law firm of Becky D. Miller. With 20 years of legal experience, Becky is both knowledgeable and caring. She is proud to be a local Texan as well as a Social Security Disability lawyer. She can help you seek the benefits you need.

We Understand How Diabetes Affects Your Life

Some people think that insulin shots are all it takes to "solve the problem" of diabetes. We know better. Our team understands the common effects, which can include:

  • Vision loss or blindness due to diabetic retinopathy
  • Nerve pain, numbness and lack of motion due to diabetic neuropathy
  • Amputations of feet or legs
  • Kidney failure and swelling
  • Constant nausea and vomiting from gastroparesis
  • Heart disease/coronary artery disease
  • Extreme fatigue

We also know how severely these symptoms can impact your life and employment. At the law firm of Becky D. Miller, you can count on having an attorney at your side who will present the full story. Becky can gather all the medical evidence and show the Social Security Administration how diabetes has kept you out of work.

Even if you've already applied and been denied, don't give up. We can help you file an appeal.

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