Social Security Disability And Depression

Many people don't realize that severe depression can be just as disabling as a physical impairment. Just because it's an emotional condition doesn't mean that it has less of an effect on your life.

At the Texas law firm of Becky D. Miller, we understand. We care. And we are here to help. With decades of experience, our attorney is skilled at guiding individuals like you through the Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits process.

Gathering The Evidence And Presenting Your Case

Documentation is critical when it comes to seeking SSD benefits for depression. It's not enough to simply feel depressed — you need to have treatment records and other medical evidence to support your claim.

In many cases, people with depression also have physical conditions that cause chronic pain. The pain itself may prevent a person from working. Likewise, the side effects of certain prescription painkillers and antidepressants can affect a person's job.

We work with psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical professionals to gather evidence and develop the case. You can count on us to present your story in the strongest light we can. Our goal is to clearly show the Social Security Administration how your depression, chronic pain or other conditions keep you out of work.

Why Even Bother?

Maybe you think you don't have a chance of getting benefits. Or maybe you already sent in an application and had it rejected. Either way, it's worth getting in touch with a Social Security Disability lawyer like Becky. Remember:

  • We offer a free consultation, so it won't cost you anything at all to learn about your options.
  • If you choose us to take your case, we won't get paid unless we win.
  • Becky will handle all the paperwork and legal details for you, so you can relax.

Call 806-799-1200 or email our Lubbock office to set up your no-cost, no-obligation consultation about Social Security Disability and depression today.

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